The Abyss App Reviews

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Truly amazing

I wish this game could go on forever…

Really weird

This game has got the perfect amount of weirdness! It was really cool and I wish there were more games like it, if only it had been a bit longer...

I am just speechless. 1 thing, why did it have to end so quickly?

Amazing. Truly amazing.

Why is it that the best games are the ones you find by accident? I've always loved games that told a story. This game certainly does that. It's way of telling the story was chilling. I hated that it had to end so quickly. I could've went through every detail of their lives, if I had the choice. With this story, I might add, is that it applies to many women today. Anyone really. It's sad. Either way, this game was amazing. I commend the makers.


I did like it, it was like, as if they were telling a story, it was relaxing, you guys should have more games like this

Is this limbo?

Pretty surreal and completely relaxing.. This is like the dimension your soul lingers in when it is unable to ascend due to unfinished business or such. Cool game man.


In answer to the above comment about replaying, just close and reopen the app. It is a beautiful game and the whole theme of it is very insightful. The the graphics are cool, but it is over really fast.


i dont see if you can replay the game though

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